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Carol Ann was born and raised in Mississippi. In addition to being an SAG actor she is a Registered Nurse with a Master’s in Healthcare Administration. In 2010 after raising a family she decided to pursue her lifelong dream of pursuing acting. She relocated to New Orleans in 2012 to focus on her acting career.

Carol Ann is a serious and trained film and television actor who has studied with numerous coaches to include Jim Gleason, Lance Nichols, Tim Phillips, Tom Todoroff, Shawn Nelson and many more.

Carol Ann continues to work on films, television,and commercials. Whether it's being a southern redneck, a doctor, lawyer or socialite she loves to develop the characters. In addition to film pursuits, she has been a guest columnist for Louisiana Film and Video Magazine and a screenwriter. With her growing knowledge and involvement in the industry she plans to produce, direct and develop new projects.